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by Goya

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Master of Alchemy
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Master of Alchemy All of Goya's releases are excellent. I don't know the how or why, but Obelisk towers above all, the apotheosis of their career to date. It is music with which the listener becomes one, a heavy and layered sound invoking the darkest psychedelic psychosis of unconscious desires. The lyrics are dark and taboo, somewhere between Hüsker Dü's Diane and Slayer's Beauty Through Order/Playing with Dolls. Witchcult Today era EW is an obvious ref, both music and vocals, but Goya are way beyond pastiche. Favorite track: Beyond Good and Evil.
Jerome W. Hodder II
Jerome W. Hodder II thumbnail
Jerome W. Hodder II A straight up, swaggering, stone(d) cold showing of fuckin' riff prowess is what we have here. To the very fuckin' center of what soul you thought you had this will reach for. D.F.F.D to all.
Colin M.
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Colin M. Prepare to be buried under the heavy fuzz and the almighty riff. Favorite track: Beyond Good and Evil.
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Step into my ride, don't be afraid I'll take you through Let me be your guide as you plead for life As you cry, as you lie there, doomed There was another time I might have let you survive Free as a bird But my mind is set, and we all get what we deserve I've come to take you away Sitting in the dark, just for a lark I call you up the stairs You see the demon inside as you look in my eyes Little girl, now, don't be scared I've waited for so long, I'm your biggest fan But it's not what it seems I am The Werewolf, I am The Boogeyman I wanna hear you scream I've come to take you away I've come to take you away This isn't personal, but it had to be you This is an act of Grace They've come to take me away FUCK
As I lay me down to sleep With your dead body next to me If I should die before you wake I pray The Devil, my soul to take I pray The Devil will show me the way I pray The Devil... The Seven Seas of Blood, I've spilled, just to get to you, dear The Seven Sisters, I have killed, just to get to you I've traveled from Beyond the Veil, just to get to you, dear The Seven Sacraments have failed I've come for you I pray The Devil won't change my wicked ways You better pray to The Devil because there's no God here today I've been away far too long And now I'm way too far gone I sing your requiem, Death's song You knew I'd find you before long And when I drag you back to Hell with me You'll remember everything And then I'll show you things you've never seen I've come to conquer you tonight I've come to torture you I'm gonna see it through I'll watch you bleed for me, too Beneath the light of a full moon You have eluded me over a century Your secret safe from the prying eyes of Hell With all illusions gone, this Danse Macabre must carry on I'll rip you right out of that shell I pray The Devil descends on you today I've become The Devil, and you are The Devil's prey You are The Devil's prey You are The Devil's prey You are The Devil's prey
The Star 01:37
Obelisk 07:46
Burn, burn, burn, burn Burn, burn, burn, burn Burn, burn, burn, burn Burn, burn, burn, burn Burn, burn, burn, burn Burn, burn, burn, burn
300 Eyes 04:52
In the white of your eyes I see all I despise in myself And there's just one way through I will gouge those eyes right out of you ...of you...right out of you In the white of your eyes I reveal myself true Silently, I die This, too, I'll survive I will have what's mine, what's left of you ...of you. What's left of you? I'll lead you by the hand Show you things they will never understand Fifty-three, is it? An underestimate! By my account, I have gouged out three hundred eyes Three hundred eyes Three hundred eyes Three hundred eyes Three hundred eyes
The Sun 04:49
The Sun burns out tonight This is my last rite We're not so different, but we're not the same I am The Prowler, and you are the prey The Sun burns in my eye This is our last night There's nothing here for me, there never was before There's nothing here for evermore The Sun burns out tonight This is my last right Sick of life, I turn to death I watch you breathe your last breath
I can't wait to get you alone I'll follow you all the way home Little girl, you'll be my first My impure thoughts will only get worse These demons in my brain have driven me insane These demons in my mind... Evil lives inside every man I spill my guts, you don't understand The only thing I love is to kill I love the blood, I love the thrill These demons in my brain have driven me insane These demons in my mind, they stalk the streets at night The Night Stalker The Night Stalker Now that I've found you, and we're alone I spill your guts inside of your home Little girl, you were my best I spilled your blood until your life left These demons in my brain have driven me insane These demons in my mind... Oh, sweet Satan, you own my soul Lucifer, I give you complete control If I should live for other days I pray The Devil to guide my ways
They'll never find me, but I'll find you My Seven Suns ensnare The Moon Beneath the surface, way down below Our Destination looms I'm not the one to guide you up above I'm not the one... Killing is killing, whether done For duty, for profit, or for fun If you're looking for mercy, I'm not the one Your number's up, your time has come I'm not the one you thought I was I'm not the one... When I look up at the stars, I know you see the same ones It doesn't really matter, nothing really matters As if it ever did It never did When we lay down and die, there is no place in the sky No place in the sky for us I am the one they said I was And I'm Jahbulon Inked in blood, engraved in stone Your temple, your altar Your body, my throne When I look up at the stars, I know you see the same ones It doesn't fucking matter, nothing fucking matters As if it ever did It never did We all lay down and die, there is no place in the sky No place in the sky for us THERE IS NO PLACE IN THE SKY FOR US THERE IS NO PLACE IN THE SKY FOR US


"It's a magnificently-assembled album, with the performances ranging from nailed-down to wild abandon in pleasing proportion, strong riffs throughout, and a real mean edge to it all."

"'Obelisk' is, in all, a thinking man’s doom metal record; it keeps you on your toes, always remains untamed, delivering uppercuts with complete conviction just when you think you’ve sussed them out."

"Goya‘s second offers evidence of growth undertaken, provides glimpses of what might develop down the line, finds the band reveling in their processes and hits like a hammer made of pills. There is little one might ask of it that it does not deliver."

"You can listen to everything they have ever put out as easy as I can, which gives you the chance to make your own decisions. So this is what I will tell you. GOYA is Godzilla, and you are Tokyo."

"There are albums in every genre that stand out as totems of what can be achieved and whilst doom may have more than its fair share, Obelisk can rightly belong up there with them too."

"Goya return with their second full-sized album Obelisk, after the amazing 777 released in 2013, and deliver a body blow of skull crushing heavy grooves and guitars that summon the spirits of Norse gods when played at volume."

"This is one hell of a trip into a well-crafted, surreal soundscape and shouldn’t be overlooked by any fan of the stoner rock/metal genre."

"Indeed, Goya’s songwriting evolved a lot since the release of 777, in 2013. The biggest and most noticeable differences lie in the variety and the unique sense of wholeness which flows throughout the album."

"Gigantic in sound and thought, Goya unleashes a cavalcade of molten sludge riffs and desert rock psychedelia on to the listener. Beautiful, shimmering guitar leads and solos give way to tough-guy riffing and general doom metal badassery."

"Goya isn’t just some band that plays heavy riffs for the sake of playing heavy riffs. There is a narrative that is part and parcel of every song. Few bands can provide quality on this level, musically and lyrically. Obelisk simply destroys, sonically and philosophically."

"Obelisk is easily the band’s most varied release to date, but it also stands as their darkest and grimiest. Goya have channeled a black, twisted psychology with their latest both musically and atmospherically. Obelisk, with its heavy, overblown riffs and feedback strewn soundscapes, is top-tier material that easily stands among the year’s best."

Recorded live in the practice space
All vocals, and "300 Eyes" recorded at Switchblade Sound


released August 1, 2015

Recorded and mixed by Joe Asselin at Wallstreet Warehouse in Phoenix, AZ, and Switchblade Sound in Tempe, AZ, May-August 2014
Mastered by Brad Boatright at Audiosiege in Portland, OR
Acoustic bass on "300 Eyes" played by Jeff Owens
Art by Laney Oleniczak

Jeff Owens - guitar, vocals
Nick Lose - drums
Jirix-Mie Paz - bass


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Goya Phoenix, Arizona

Jeff Owens
Marcus Bryant
Sonny DeCarlo

Metal three-piece in the vein of Black Sabbath, Electric Wizard and Sleep.

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