Satan's Fire

by Goya



recorded, mixed and mastered Nov/Dec 2014 by Jeff Owens

"Whether it’s the apocalyptic wailing’s of the 11 and a half minute opener ‘Malediction and Death,’ the short instrumental of ‘Symbols,’ or the finale that is the title track of ‘Satan’s Fire;’ fans of stoner and doom should love the dark, entrancing riffage that Goya produce."

"... the title-track (5:58) finishes with a tale of antichristianity, dropping out of life, and watching the world fall apart. Doom? Yes."

"...more distorted than the speakers in The Devil’s car that have been turned up to number 11 and is being ridden down the lower depths of hell, windows open, elbows hanging out the door frame and a horde of demons head-banging on the back seats. Marijuana Doom has never sounded this good."

"Satan’s Fire is in no way a departure from the band’s earlier accomplishment, but it is definitely a refinement of style executed with an array of effects pedals and impossibly fuzzed-out distortion, amplified by extreme hatred and disgust. With Satan’s Fire...Goya is officially a force to be reckoned with."

"The talent of each musician shines but Jeff Owen's clever guitarwork takes you further into a world of dreams and fire. Its been said that certain music if properly played can allow one to transcend the current state to feel a connectedness to another realm. Goya does this."

"Amidst the heaving, roaring chaos, guitarist and vocalist Jeff Owens (who also performs bass duties on this release) spits forth vitriolic curses and condemnations. When he snarls, “I wanna watch you die,” there’s absolutely no reason not to believe him."


released December 9, 2014

Jeff Owens - guitar, bass, vocals
Nick Lose - drums



all rights reserved


Goya Phoenix, Arizona

Jeff Owens - guitar, vocals
Sonny DeCarlo - bass
Marcus Bryant - drums

Metal three-piece in the vein of Black Sabbath, Electric Wizard and Sleep, hailing from Phoenix, AZ.

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Track Name: Malediction And Death
I've had enough of all the bullshit
I've had enough of all the lies
I've had it out for you straight out of the womb
I wanna watch you die
In the furthest reaches of space
Lies a darkness undefined
We call His name as we await
The day everybody dies

100,000 years have nearly passed
The earth begins to putrefy
Fanatics shout the end approaches fast
Malediction and death on the rise
We've had enough of all the bullshit
We've had enough of all the lies
We curse your name as we await
As we await the day everybody dies
Everybody dies

I've had enough of all the bullshit
I've had enough of all the lies
I curse your name as I await
The day that everybody dies
Track Name: Satan's Fire
The human race fills me with disgust
I'm checking out of your society
I can see the world as it turns to dust
And Jesus Christ will never set you free

God is dead
If he was ever alive
Demons rise from the depths of Hell
To cleanse the earth with Satan's Fire
Satan's Fire
Satan's Fire

Throughout dimensions beyond space and time
No trace of the divine
No trace of meaning that underlies
Might as well get high